Web 2.0 -
Is, or was, mostly about the establishment of community based use of the internet.
This phenomenon has now rapidly been overtaken by events and technology advances in mobile computing and we need a new web moniker.

The highly public success of President Barack Obama's campaign for election was in no small part due to his campaign team's mastery of the core aspects of Web 2.0 ....

Internet technology...
from community to commerce the new internet allows significant measurability and almost instant returns from marketing investment. Harnessed well it can create significant revenue growth for literally any type of product or service.

Paid Search
Paid search changes frequently!

Once upon a time it was about relevancy but now it is mostly about ensuring financial results are achieved for the search engine.

With the advent of semantic search and adaptive relevancy through regular alterations in the search engines algorithms, paid search marketing has become a minefield for the inexperienced. 

In most cases it is highly competitive and requires rigorous testing and tracking. It is no longer a game for amateurs.

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Community sites developed with the hand of VC capital are as multiple as they are useful and useless.  They are cause and effect in everything from Viral marketing through to feedback and research. Used for communication, entertainment or the pursuit of specialist endeavors in play, business or life essentials.
Their capacity to help and harm revenue generation should not be underestimated.

Mobile Devices
Going beyond the need of voice communication Mobile computing promised much and has now finally begun to emerge as the mechanism by which both community and search will be most often utilized.

The Opportunity
In order to harness this unrivalled opportunity we have a small dedicated team of experts who create and develop campaigns for everything from simple lead generation through to the creation of an entire revenue pipe.

From mobile and community to business response, harnessed with existing technologies internet based revenue growth is truly manageable and affordable.

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