Restructuring and Building Revenue
Eliott Scott Company provides every tool you need to achieve revenue growth, whether you are in a business to business market or managing a consumer brand.

Revenue Growth - Sales or Marketing?
Fast revenue growth is based on time-tested, profit-proven methods, eliminating the barriers and often opposing agendas of marketing and sales to create refined processes to restructure your entire growth strategy and rapidly improve the performance of your unit or company.

Companies as diverse as Proctor & Gamble and Home Depot recognize the importance of this and the collective responsibility of the sales and marketing disciplines. As a result they are now turning to their own integrated revenue generation process in place of traditional sales and marketing as an engine of growth.

B2B or B2C?
Applying the distinct specialism's of one marketing discipline in the other area can by itself be the cause of serious revenue loss. It is vital to apply the correct core strategy at both the macro and the micro.

Its why taking a Fast moving consumer goods revenue growth strategy and applying its methodology to a business to business environment can result in catastrophic failure.

Testing and Research
Each tactic to develop and grow revenue should be honed from solid tests of actual customer and prospect experiences of what they do (and not what they say).

"If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse. - Customers don't envision the future." 
Henry Ford  -  Ford Motor Company

Market research (as it is currently practiced) is often hopelessly inefficient in being a solid identifier of potential opportunities.

The heavy reliance on consumers and customers preferences to drive innovation is one of the greatest confidence tricks of the 21st century and it gives financial disciplines and the numerically driven manager the reassurance that their decisions will work and can be justified in board rooms.

Revenue Engine
Companies and specialist units in larger entities are reliant on the generation of deals, sales or projects and this “engine” requires careful design and development to ensure success.

Frequently it is the Achilles heel of most companies. This is primarily because of misaligned strategy and conflicting tactics, resulting in unnecessary cost and delay.

Even if you don't have the team to drive forward initiatives we can help you. Perhaps you need to outsource the whole sales team or just one function? Possibly you have a sales system that isn't bringing the results you demand and hope for, or a new product that just isn't hitting sales targets. Whatever your challenges we can help you build your revenue.

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  • Revenue Growth Strategy
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  • Turnaround Management Structure
  • Product Marketing Strategy & Investment

Lower your customer acquisition cost
Generate sales for a significantly lower customer acquisition cost. Work with us and form a new way of growing your revenue and realizing hidden profits. Measure and evaluate every tactic with our market-proven techniques and grow faster than you currently believe is possible.

We take you through the steps of formulating a new business strategy, an audit of your current resources and tools. We help you to grow your revenue through a simply designed process, easily and quickly.


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